Cam Caddie – Best Camera Stabilizing Weight Kit for DSLR

Enhance the configuration and performance of your DSLR camera by delivering it multiple mounting options. The accessory shoe helps you to attach camera accessories so that you can create amazing videos and capture awesome moments with perfection and clarity. The weight of the gear is used to stabilize the camera with multiple accessories and helps you to balance the overall weight of the camera so that you can conveniently take pictures and shoot videos. Stabilizing weight kit for DSLR comforts you while you ate shooting any videos. It is hectic to shoot videos for a long time and to form different angles while doing this. Weight stabilizer allows you to shoot the videos without straining your body and arms.

Camera stabilizer weights evenly distribute the entire camera as well as accessory weights so that you can shoot the videos from any angle and it can be easy to control your movements. Whether it is moving video or low-lying video you can incredibly shoot these perfectly by using camera accessories and rig. Get complete control over your camera and photography skills by operating the camera confidently. A handheld camera stabilizer is versatile and can be fitted to any camera. You can also use your smartphone with this highly compatible model.

Camera stabilizer delivers you an accessory rich platform that completes your photography with amazing light effects, picture quality effects, and sound effects. You can easily attach LED light, shotgun microphone and field camera to stabilities. The efficient stabilizer controls your shot and allow you to take these shots in flying or motion mode. Now you can create a complete video without missing any moment with the help of excellent camera stabilizer from Cam Caddie, that spare space for essential camera accessories.

Cam Caddie – Buy Cam Caddie Scorpion Mounting Knob

Mounting hardware device forms the foundation of excellent attachment as it enables the camera to attach the accessory wing and several accessories. It is constructed by quality material like steel and thermoplastic to ensure the perfect combination. Alone camera cannot produce realistic images and unrivalled videos, every photographer despite his incredible photography as well as videography skill also user several accessories to create amazing videos and images. ¼-20 threaded mounting knob has several functions. It can attach your camera to the scorpion notch, it will facilitate the working of the camera by giving space for several accessories.

It is also used to customize the grip in your way, by giving you several comfortable positions to hold the rig. You can make your holiday trip exciting and entertaining by capturing all the adventurous and amazing moments with your high-tech camera and do not forget to take your camera accessories and cam Caddie mounting knob. It allows you to attach several accessories so that you can capture those memorable moments and create astounding videos. You can mount LED light that gives different and desirable effects to your videos and pictures.

Shotgun microphone shuns every distraction with its unique sound filtering features so that you can get a clear voice in your videos. You can also attach a field monitoring device that gives you a clear and precise picture of what you want in your video or photos. Mounting knob incredibly extend your extension for your smartphone and other camera, so you will have the opportunity to shoot the videos and captures the pictures all at once. Enhance your videography and photography experience by utilizing best accessories and enabling them to work perfectly with the help of Cam Caddie mounting knob.

Cam Caddie – Buy the Best Field Monitor on Cam Caddie

Most of the professional videographer share their interest in having field monitor attached to the DSLR or mirrorless cameras. These are the external small monitors that are attached to the camera. It is important to enhance the night time photography as well as landscape. 7” HD IPS field monitor from Cam Caddie is best for photography and videography. It has an IPS panel that provides amazing brightness and desired effect in your videos. The wide viewing angle of the field monitor allows you to scatter your vision quite wide with a viewing angle of 178*178. It has a unique feature to restore colour and adjust accordingly. Field monitor on Cam Caddie has multiple options like HDMI as well s AV; it is compatible with DSLR cameras, mirrorless cameras, and most of the video cameras. The entire configuration of the field monitor drive work fuel from AA batteries that has Sony NP-F and AC power supply. You can capture the sharpest and clearest picture from any angle. It comes with a sun hood that eliminates the entire glare due to bright sunlight and giving you a perfect shot.

DSLR field monitor gives an ultimate monitoring system. Now it is your wish to see what you want in your video. It is the best field monitor that can adjust the brightness also. You can get the best color rendering effect with amazing clarity in the pictures. C7 monitor allows you to take the picture from a wider angle. From any point of view, you can get a bright and sharp image. You can shoot video from upside down also through image flip option. It will give you blurred free experience. Now you can create an amazing vlog and flaunt your videography by availing field monitor that defines your videography and take it to another level of perfection.

Cam Caddie Rode Videomic Go-On Camera Shotgun Microphone for Sale

A perfect video is not just having clarity and effects but a good sound quality gives life to your video. The microphone is one of the most significant camera accessories that enhance the quality of your video. Rode Videomic Go-On Camera shotgun microphone is a superb quality directional microphone that delivers amazing sound quality to your video. Rode VideoMic Camera mount enables your camera to attach the shotgun microphone and record desired sounds. It does not need a battery to operate. It has a shock mounting system that dampens the vibrational sounds and airborne sounds giving you real-time experience through your videos. It has a lightweight and very compact size along with the windshield. It has an integrated cold shoe mount to hold the mic on position. It is easy to use due to its miniature size and weight, it does not bear any complicated switches and the setting. Anyone can use it with ease and comfort. Enhance your videography experience and skills by introducing great technology in the form of Shock mount Rycote Lyre that delivers you noise-proof sound and incredible voice quality.

The Cam Caddie’s video microphone is powered by an external microphone out of your camera. Now you can easily handle airborne and cable borne noise. Dead cat windscreen is efficient to lower the impact of wind noise. Next times plan your holiday trip and the first thing to prepare your camera kit adorned with all accessories to capture the moments as it is. For professional videographers Go-On camera shotgun microphone is incredible to record clear voice without the hindrance of outside noise. Now on ward you will love to see the nature and creations in videos only. Take amazing shots and record unforgettable moments in your camera. Live the memories when you want.

Cam Caddie – Buy DSLR Camera Support Rig Online

Do not invest in a hi-tech camera alone; also go for a camera bag that accommodates important camera accessories which can enhance your photography experience. A microphone that records the sound you want in your video, an LED display that shows what you want to shoot, Flashlight to give an awesome effect to your videos, and for all of them an accessory shoe that enables your camera to integrate all these accessories. DSLR camera support rig allows you to take the desired shot in a convenient way by providing your camera with great support. The support rig is highly compatible with Smartphone’s, GoPro, DSLR, and your video cam coder. It will allow you to attach different accessories by offering several mounting configurations on it.

You can integrate LED light, microphones, monitors, input boxes, and other accessories to your camera. Its design is suitable and can be operated even with a single hand. Multiple position bases allow the cameraman to get a perfect balance. Polymer grip also helps to dampen the motions and give you firm support so that you can shoot video from any angle. It can be converted to single handed and double handed camera configuration as per the convenience o the videographer. It is constructed fabulously and light weighted so that you can operate it and hold it for a long time without getting tired. It has space to attach the DSLR camera to the top of the handle. Sometime videographers also capture the pictures along with videos, so it offers you chance to attach two cameras at the same time. Donor rest on ordinary camera and limited accessories. Enhance your videography skill and passion by buying DSLR camera support rig for firm support and multiple mounting options.

Cam Caddie – Universal Stabilizing Camera Handle with Integrated Accessory Shoe

Every photographer is crazy about his passion and a large array of accessories only completes his photography and contents his skills. These accessories are helpful to shoot the videos and capture the pictures in any kind of circumstances. Whether professional or amateur photography work needs perfection, skill, creativity, and innovation. A person can incorporate skill, creativity in photography but to enhance the effects and make it really perfect there is a need for innovative accessories.

DSLR camera accessory shoe is a must to consider part of the camera that really works to integrate all your essential accessories. This universal stabilizing handle with integrated camera shoe comes with great compatibility and fits cameras that have the standard ¼-20 threaded mount. The design is compact and breaking down that can easily fit in your bag.

An accessory shoe can integrate LED light and microphone. It enhances your photography experience but giving you a firm and unshakable grip. It is best for moving videos and low-lying angled shooting. The comfortable neoprene grip allows you to shoot the video for a longer time without stressing your arm and hand. GoPro mount is versatile for all the cameras. You can also attach your smartphone to accessory shoes. It gives a perfect display without hindering your view. It has an LCD panel feature for the displaying screen. Shotgun microphone assists you to record actual sound by dampening the noise. The video you get by using all the accessories will be out of the world. You can actually capture the real moments of your life in your camera. So, next time on your holiday trip do not forget to take all your high-tech camera accessories with DSLR camera accessory shoe. Shoot the videos like pro and flaunt your videography skill.

Cam Caddie – Essential DSLR Camera Accessories to Improve your Photography

Good photography symbolizes by the subtly illustrating reality that reality looks virtual in front of it. Rich photography always freezes the moment and eyes. Undoubtedly no pro-technology can substitute the human skill but it enhances and rectify the skill. Decades ago, we found happiness in those freezing images having a blurring smile, tinted images with an unclear view but now with the invention and advancement of technology there are available so many DSLR camera accessories that can take your skill to another level of perfection.

Now a day’s images and pictures are everything, whether it is a professional business site or your living room, a good photography and image editing is a trend that makes everything appealing stylish and appreciable. Some of these accessories which complete your picture or video are- accessory shoe, accessory wing, accessory wing shoe kit, flashner, cheese plate, shoulder support, stabilizing weight, smartphone tripod mount, GoPro tripod mount. All these accessories are essential to improve your photography. These are DSLR and NICON camera accessories. Whether you are a professional photographer or amateur, do not rest on an ordinary camera with ok functioning and a few filters.

Make your moments memorable and memories precious by catching them in a great artistic way. Tripod mount enables you to attach several accessories whereas stabilizer of DSLR handle gives you firm support. You can shoot any types of videos in day or night with flashner kit. Shoulder support enables you to have full control over the moment of the camera. Smartphone tripod mount gives you the freedom to take a shoot from your smartphone camera. Mounting knob delivers attachment space for several accessories. All these accessories significantly enhance your experience and give your photography skill a Pro effect.

Cam Caddie – GoPro Tripod Mount

The GoPro tripod mount is a small tripod built for your Cam Caddie GoPro. It is a suitable four three tongued attachment with a single tripod thread. The mount comes with threaded sockets, it works superbly. GoPro tripod mount offers several attachment points to your cameras to attach various accessories like LED flash, microphone, and stabilizer. You can attach GoPro to any device easily that bears ¼”-20 threaded post. You can efficiently capture shoots without shaking the camera. GoPro has no connection in the body itself but tripod mount makes it complete by giving several sites for attachment.

Professional videographers used to shoot the videos as simultaneously taking several pictures at that time GoPro tripod mount helps them to attach another digicam with the main camera. This tripod adaptor is versatile and also acts as a tripod for canon DSLR. Now, you can shoot motion pictures and action scenes with a top-quality mount. The GoPro tripod mount is a versatile solution for all GroPro action expert cameras. You can mount directly it to your scorpion, every camera accessory has its unique feature that enhances your photography skill. DSLR camera stabilizer delivers fir support and excellent grip to your camera so that you can shoot videos from any angle without getting tired.

Whereas shotgun microphone delivers realistic effect to your videos by recording clear sound and eliminating noise as well as vibrations of the air. Flashlight gives different effects to your video and pictures. You can easily mount all these accessories to your GoPro mount, giving your videography skill another level of perfection. Get ready to shoot amazing and realistic videos with your complete configuration with the help of Cam Caddie’s GoPro tripod mount. It comes with a strong grip and superior strength. Upgrade your GoPro with tripod mount.

Shop Cam Caddie Scorpion EX Shoulder Support

You are on the way to your holiday trip, feeling the awesome weather in your journey, oh wow! You have got that expensive brand-new camera to shoot every enchanting moment. And after some days you are sharing your experience with your family and friends by showing those precious clips. But the videos are a bit disappointing, although you have an amazing camera you forgot to have a camera stabilizer that enhances your videography skill, giving you crystal clear video without shaking. Buy a handheld DSLR camera support rig that offers firm support to your camera. You can shoot moving videos and videos while you are in motion. Support rig with tripod and shoulder compatibility assists you to shoot the video for hours without getting tired. You can concentrate your work and produce awesome clips.

 DSLR camera support rig is really amazing in giving you stable unshakable video and filming experience. Segmented design in portable and compact to be taken anywhere. Now you can shoot any video from any angle. DSLR camera mount with several attachment options allows you to rectify your photography skill and videos in an incredible way. Imparting you a great experience of shooting films and videos for your vlog. The mounting configuration eliminates the hindrance and produces unlimited support and stabilization. It will provide pro stability feature when shooting in notion, roll as well as gun shooting. A shoulder rig is suitable alternative when you are using your mobile phone instead of camera. Spend your money in better way by investing in Cam Caddie’s handheld support rig with tripod and shoulder support that assists you to create awesome videos. Make your DSLR more like a camcorder that resides on your shoulder and give you a perfect shoot for your vlog.

Cam Caddie – Video Micro From Rode Compact Directional On-Camera Microphone

Give your vlog a unique recognition and effect by choosing the best Video camera. Video is not all about capturing realistic events and making films but all this needs to have excellent sound quality. Cam caddie presents Video micro which is a compact microphone design to improve the audio quality of your video. It is compact in size to be mounted over Rode video camera mount. Video micro is efficient to reduce the peripheral sound effect and focus on the sound of pictures in front of the camera only. It comes with a shock mount that dampens the vibrations, handling as well other noise. The Video micro-compact microphone is compatible with all light cameras, DSLR cameras, and smartphones, giving you amazing directional sound.

Whether you are a filmmaker, vlogger or amateur always invest in camera accessories for the best video experience. It will not only give you great pictures but an excellent sound quality also with unshakable and unrivalled crystal-clear video as well as sound. Cardio-id condenser microphone capsule comes in video microphone, it is designed to give great sound effect. Integrated RYCOTE LYRE shock mounting enhances your videography skill by giving you minimum vibrations. Deluxe windshield has furry wind cover, it is specially designed to shoot videos in windy environment to reduce the wind noise. Explore the world with best videography skill, flaunt your skill and matchless creations through your amazing and transparent videos. Compact on camera microphone comes with plug but no battery. It can easily be mount over Rode video camera mount, this mount is also used to attach several other accessories, which can take your videography skill to another level of perfection. Live your passion and show you creativity with best shoots and best camera accessories.